When to Lead and When to Follow
Villa Romana Florenz

September 29, 2013

Shannon Bool, Leone Contini, Mariechen Danz, Heide Hinrichs, Nina Hoffmann, Daniel Maier-Reimer, Filippo Manzini, Alexandra Müller, Jo-ey Tang

curated by Angelika Stepken

After their ten-month stay in Florence, the Villa Romana Fellows 2013 participated in a group show involving five other artists they appreciate at Carico Massimo. Thus the invitation they received has been forwarded and multiplied. Nine different artistic positions encounter each other with the intention of using the works to interact with the space and the public.

The artists featured in the exhibition live in Tuscany, Berlin, Brussels, Hamburg and New York. Some of them have already known each other for a long time, some for just ten months, and others will meet for the first time during this event.

The project is alive and running thanks to the artists who are willing to share their time, space and ideas.

The exhibition is the result of the meeting between the spirit with which we experience art at Villa Romana and the generosity of the Carico Massimo Association, open to hosting this exhibition experiment.

Both places are courageously dedicated to artistic production and interaction with the public.

The exhibition’s title was borrowed from a song featured in the first album - newly released – by the Berlin band UNMAP, whose lead singer is Mariechen Danz.

The image on the invitation is a detail from a photograph taken by Daniel Maier-Reimer during his long walks in Tuscany. Thus the image of a non-place is combined with a phrase that questions social behaviour and the reasons that lead to decisions and directions.