Marco Belfiore / Agathe Rosa

September 9, 2017

The continuous and not always controlled transformation, the attempt to fixate what escapes, the unexpected, chaos, fluid, movement: these are some elements that link the researches of Marco Belfiore and Agathe Rosa.

Starting from this common interest in the mutability of things as a result of the surrounding environment, the artists invent systems and formulas to be able to study or predict, through their research, the attitude of a given element whose “movement” is dependent on undeterminated factors, if we want an incessant study of the unpredictable.

Advection (advection) identifies the transport of a quantity of an element given by the movement of the surrounding environment. It has a component linked to the evolution of a dependent variable (the element), under the control of an independent variable (surrounding environment). Advection is often confused with convection (advection + diffusion) and limited to fluid mechanics, but is also used in statistical mathematics and chaos theorems.

We think we can control something, but in the end, the sensitivity to the initial conditions means that everything escapes us and remains in constant transformation.