Luca Pozzi

March 28, 2015

Carico Massimo is pleased to present the new Luca Pozzi’s Solo Show, curated by Fabrizio Paperini.

A Trailer in after effects “STATEMENT”, 3D animations “The big jump theory” and objects with a digital flavor “Gravity Shoes” simultaneously invade the physical space of Carico Massimo and that of digital communication on the Web.

The resulting hybrid display proceeds on two parallel tracks that are at a crossroads of stylistic directions between the popular genre of “Science Show”, the special effect genre typical of the TV Series “Lost” and “Fringe” and the irony of pure entertainment of 3D Pixar Style animation.

The first track starts from “STATEMENT”, hence the name of the exhibition, or rather from a graphic trailer inspired by the declaration of intent written by Luca Pozzi, as an introductory premise to his work, as an overview of the complexity of references present at within the multidisciplinary imaginary that distinguishes it. Even before the doors of Carico Massimo open to the public, the trailer, created in collaboration with the motion designer Marco Bagni, is published on the artist’s website ( and shared on social networks as a tool for promotion of the project.

The second track is instead made up of “The Big Jump Theory [0-]” an installation presented for the first time on this occasion in the dim light of the characteristic Carico Massimo central space. Composed of three magnetized sculptures and as many 3D animations projected into space, the viewer is greeted by a strong formal continuity constantly poised between digital preview and analog object.

The work, conceived by Luca Pozzi on the basis of an assiduous frequentation of the scientific community of Loop Quantum Gravitist since 2010, is the visualization of a creation theory that replaces the commonly accepted idea of โ€‹โ€‹”Big Bang”, the innovative and the all personal of “Big Jump”. Instead of a great explosion, Pozzi imagines a great leap produced by a stylized tennis shoe which at each approach-contact-loading-momentum-detachment cycle produces the birth, development and death of a new universe. The result is a strange atmosphere of infinite cyclical time punctuated by the looped trend of the videos and the frozen dynamism of the sculptures in space captured in the moment before taking their weight off the ground.

The soundtrack of the entire “environment” is the work of AIGO (Australian International Gravitational Observatory) and represents the first computer simulation in the world of the hypothetical sound produced by a gigantic black hole.

Luca Pozzi is a visual artist and cultural mediator, his research is placed along the guidelines that have always characterized the Italian approach to the History of Art, that is a multidisciplinary attitude oriented to the transcendence of matter and to the fundamental awareness of the constituent elements of nature.