kabarè 6/10
(el devenir, la situación)

October 22, 2022

Francesco Bertelé, Niccolò Parigini and Lea Karam take us through the Flamingo Loophole, the therapeutic gym created in Bihać (Bosnia and Herzegovina) with body improvisation exercises and a performance by Michela Bertelé.

The sixth event hosts Flamingo Loophole, a project carried out by Francesco Bertelè with Mediterranean Hope in the city of Bihać in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The artist, responding to a community need, built a climbing wall in an abandoned area, a therapeutic gymnasium, as a place for encounters and dynamic relationships.

”It is always about movements between wounds, about re-territorialization through practices of spatial disobedience. “

Beginning with the narrative of Bertelé’s project “Flamingo Loophole” with Niccolò Parigini and Lea Karam of Mediterranean Hope and Michela Bertelé’s performative intervention, the audience will be involved in a psychomotor improvisation with the aim of creating a coindividual spatial becomings.

Project in collaboration with Tuscany Region as part of Toscana in Contemporanea 2022, City of Livorno, Giovani sì.

photo: Juan Pablo Macías / Iacopo Seri