kabarè 4/10
(our commons are free)

September 24, 2022

The fourth event hosts a special project by Ben Kinmont, a Californian artist, publisher and antiquarian bookseller who comes to Livorno with an exhibition of documents reconstructing the history of the San Francisco Diggers, a group of libertarians and anarchists who in the 1960s theorized free cities, practiced a free economy, rejected property and competition, as a way of going against the homologation of the values of the world’s most warlike state.
The material was published by the Communication Company, the Free City News and the Free Print Shop, all radical printers who changed the history of printing by introducing the revolutionary mimeograph chapter.
The dissemination of these flyers was entrusted to volunteers who distributed news about the emerging alternative society on the streets of San Francisco, making use of contributions from experimental writers.
A few days before the exhibition, Ben Kinmont reproposes a distribution of historical materials selected from the Diggers archive curated by Eric Noble. A group of volunteers will also distribute through the streets of Livorno an unreleased text by Noble, published by Kinmont’s Antinomian Press and translated into Italian by Viola Cateni and Veronica Liga.
During the kabarè, Digger stew and Digger Bread will be prepared according to recipes taken from the Diggers archive and distributed free of charge.

Our commons are free (text)
Livorno, 22 September 2022

Our commons are free (seminar)
Livorno, 22 September 2022

Antinomian Press Free Series

Thanks to our volunteers: Federico Bocci, Viola Cateni, Giacomo Donati, Francesco del Forno, Francesca Lombardi, Adela Macías, Shasha Rosi, Luis Sevilio.

photo: Juan Pablo Macías / Iacopo Seri