kabarè 3/10
(la tierra, el ceebu jën)

September 3, 2022

Kabaré 3/10 (la tierra, el ceebu jën)
Synlocation by Marcos Lutyens
A collective hypnosis accompanied by sound interventions by MIX and the ceebu jën of Siny Lo
curated in collaboration with En Plein Air (Munich)

The third event is produced in collaboration with Munich’s En Plein Air - a program of performances in public space curated by Emily Barsi - and hosts the project Synlocation by Marcos Lutyens. Synlocation is a term used in agriculture to describe the convergence behavior of plants, and the artist applies this concept to a situation involving an aggregation of people due to eviction or displacement, with the intention of weaving threads that bring these displaced groups of people together to celebrate their synchronicity and commonality of place. Displacement can be about migratory groups, but also about a feeling of alienation within ourselves in a place where we have spent our entire lives.

Synlocation is an event that takes place simultaneously in three locations: Livorno, Tambacounda (Senegal) and Catania. Each place has witnessed displacement and resettlement throughout its history and in recent times. The project seeks to connect the three places of exile and migration by weaving a thread.

A hypnosis session led by artist and hypnotist Marcos Lutyens is planned to create a sense of simultaneous unconscious connection and rootedness between each place.

During hypnosis, audiences equipped with smartphones and headphones are invited to model a small clay sculpture. The small sculptures can be taken away or left at the location to shape a collective sculpture that symbolizes synchronicity and commonality between places.

Lutyens’ action is accompanied by the percussionist group MIX. Simultaneously we will be connected with the Centre Culturel and Iseta TV in Tambacounda (Senegal) with artists One Family and Toungouné Mechant and in Catania with Associazione Diversamente Uguali and Radio Colomba with Senegalese musician-in-residence Jali Diabate.

On the occasion of kabarè 3/10 Frasca, the ethyl distribution and mapping point for fermented products, will be open. Handcrafted beers and organic wine from Orti Grandi, barricaded grappa from Dante and Iacopo Seri, and refreshing Ginger Beer from musician and anarchist activist Hilary Binder (Tornareccio, Abruzzo) will be joined by Bionda Brada from the soft grains grown by Tenuta di Paganico (Maremma).

Frasca is one of the permanent articulations of Carico Massimo’s convivial exhibition space to provide energy at various gradations throughout the programming.

CALL#1 (Radio Colomba & Jali Diabate)

CALL#2 (Moussa Coulibali)

CALL#3 (Moussa Coulibali & Edo de Mayo - MIX)


FINAL ACT (Moussa Coulibali & Edo de Mayo - MIX)


1964, lives and works in Los Angels - California

Marcos Lutyens’ art practice aims at the psychological and emotional well-being of his audience by performing hypnotic exercises with participants that act on the deepest levels of their psyche. His works include installations, sculptures, drawings, short films, writings, and performances that include hypnosis and meditations. He is interested in the processes of the mind, consciousness and social dynamics. In his explorations of consciousness, Lutyens has collaborated with renowned neuroscientists V. S. Ramachandran and Richard Cytowic and studied with shamans from different cultures. Based on this research and investigation, he has worked with visitors to museums, galleries and biennials around the world.

Lutyens has exhibited internationally at numerous museums, galleries, and biennials, including the Havana Biennial (2019), CultureSummit Abu Dhabi 2019 (as an invited artist by the Guggenheim), Frye Museum, Seattle (2018), Miró Foundation, Barcelona (2018), Main Museum, Los Angeles (2018), Latvian National Museum of Art (2018), 33. São Paulo Biennale (2018), Guggenheim Museum, New York (2017), Armory Show, New York (2017); Boghossian Foundation, Brussels (2017), Palazzo Fortuny, Venice (2017), La Monnaie, Paris (2017), Palazzo Grassi, Venice, (2017), 57th and 55th. Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition (2013 and 2017), Liverpool Biennale, Liverpool (2016); 14th Istanbul Biennale, Istanbul (2015); MoMA PS1, Queens (2014); National Art Museum of China, Beijing (2014); dOCUMENTA(13), Kassel (2012); Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles (2010).


Percussionist group born from a workshop where African rhythms are practiced, both from a musical and physiotherapeutic point of view. Led by master Moussa Coulibali (djambe and vocals) and Edo de Mayo (dumdum, kenkeni, bell..), MIX produce music of great energy, enthralling and at times hypnotic.


This is a program of performances designed for public space that have been taking place annually in Munich since 2018. Curated by Emily Barsi the performances are realized in urban and natural spaces. Each year international artists are invited to create projects that promote interaction with the public and passersby. A key aspect of all projects is the performers’ willingness to engage the audience to intervene in the action and play an active role in shaping the performance. All projects reflect current political, social and ecological issues and pose the central question: where is the boundary between utopia and reality in today’s world?

photo: Adela Macías, Juan Pablo Macías and Iacopo Seri