kabarè 10/10
(el ndiambour, la asociación)

December 17, 2022

Circolo Le Ndiambour, 35 Pellettier Street, Livorno.

To celebrate its 10th year of activity, Carico Massimo organized a program with 10 evenings of Kabarè, one for each year of its existence. Throughout the year, several events took place in the historic space at Magazzini Generali to transform it from a purely contemplative space to a living place of encounters and multiple experiences.

The TENTH and final one takes place at Siny Lo’s Circolo Le Ndiambour, to toast together to TEN years past and those to come!

During the day there is a Tuscan-Senegalese lunch cooked by chef Siny Lo, musical improvisations by Moussa Coulibali, Giacomo Donati, Irene Scartoni, Marco Lenzi and Iacopo Seri, a raffle with a frottage of the anagram of Carico Massimo by artist Iacopo Seri, as well as the “world cup” as a prize!

Marco Lenzi, Giacomo Donati e Irene Scartoni

Giacomo Donati, Irene Scartoni e Raffaele Vanni

Giacomo Donati, Irene Scartoni, Moussa Coulibali, Marco Lenzi and Raffaele Vanni

Moussa Coulibali, Marco Lenzi, Iacopo Seri e Raffaele Vanni

photo and audio: Juan Pablo Macías