Gianluca Concialdi
Fegato di Piacenza

October 11, 2014

Gianluca Concialdi (Palermo, 1981) brings to Livorno a new work, a hybrid project of painting and construction material that appropriates the technique of the traditional Rwandan imigongo.

Imigongo comes from mixing by hand bovine manure and wood ash into a compact, resistant, waterproof paste, often used for decorative purposes, but also as a coating for homes.

Concialdi has recreated, on an industrial level, a similar material, always driven by the curiosity of bricollage, color and materials.

His work starts from the initial choice of materials, with the awareness of their function as bearers of symbols and stories.

The result are powerful spots that recall that “Liver of Piacenza” with which the Etruscans moved around their territories through the reading of the stars. Through this observation, they decided the best time to move and oriented themselves better than with a modern GPS.

photo: Fabiano di Cocco