Gabriele Germano Gaburro
Cielo riservato al Cielo

May 31, 2019

”Cielo Riservato al Cielo” takes you beyond the idea and the mode of exhibition by activating processes of the imagination. The exhibition space is not occupied but cleared, scattered with bright spots that inhabit the visible edges. Points that indicate elsewhere, not reducing the present to presence and presentation, but tracing rigorous digressions, measured by geographical coordinates and specific territorial relationships. Thus a radial pattern is drawn whose pivot is Maximum Load.

The works are four: “Sky reserved for the sky”; “Candle”; “Garden”; “Antipodes”.

Sky reserved for the sky” includes the petition of the same name published on the website, where you can read:

“The artist Gabriele Germano Gaburro requests that the sky above the former Magazzini Generali in Livorno, seat of the cultural association Carico Massimo, be declared a permanent no-fly zone.

The request, supported by Carico Massimo, aims to produce a suspension in the regulatory subdivision of the airspace.

Decolonized, the sky returns to the sky: free, indeterminate, genderless.

The relationship between Carico Massimo and “his” sky is one of overlapping without belonging: the sky is not “of” but simply … above.

Heaven goes back to heaven: prehuman, eviction, of no one.

The request rationalizes and regulates a spiritual need, making it possible and constituting the model for future requests by other cultural associations, which want to free their “own” sky and, ideally, combine it with “Carico Massimo”.

The petition, still in progress, has various national, European and international bodies as decision makers, including: Enac (National Civil Aviation Authority); Easa (European Union Aviation Safety Agency); Icao (International Civil Aviation Organization); Eurocontrol; Eec (Eurocontrol Experimental Center); Muac Center (Maastricht Upper Area Control Center); Ians (Institute of Air Navigation Services); Municipality of Livorno; Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport; Ministry of Defence; Offices in direct collaboration with the Minister of Defense; 46th Air Brigade; Air Force Staff; Headquarters to the Camp Darby District Headquarters; Galileo Galilei Civil Airport of Pisa; Toscana Aeroporti s.p.a.

“Candela” consists in lighting a large candle, a fifteen meter high column placed on the overpass that passes next to Carico Massimo. With a gesture of inversion, the lights of the reflectors at the top of the column are redirected from bottom to top, converging in the sky to form the flame of a candle.

The work maintains a direct visual relationship with the column through a peephole, positioned for the occasion.

“Giardino” consists of the detail of an illuminated qr code on the wall. By reading the QR code with the appropriate app, the viewer crosses the wall, transported to the overpass that passes behind it. The qr code refers to google maps, where it shows a triangle of space that was formed at the intersection of two architectural axes: that of the former General Warehouses of the Port of Livorno, where Carico Massimo is based, and that of the flyover. The intersection has produced this “indiscriminate location” as an involuntary consequence, the rejection of a process suffered passively over time.

“Antipodes” consists of an archive that collects videos made at the antipodes of Carico Massimo, on the other side of the planet by passing a straight line through the center of the earth. The archive records the noise of life of the antipodians by tracing a digression from Carico Massimo which contrasts geographically with that of “Heaven reserved for Heaven”.

Undeclared, the archive hides a video that the artist made with fragments of the sea cut from the other videos. Attempt to delimit that invisible cutout of water that, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, defines the antipodes of the rectangular-based building where Carico Massimo is based.