July 29, 2023

Fabrizio Basso
La Spezia (1962)

Since his beginnings, he follows an incisive, antagonistic, often radical line of intervention, which takes, in the contemporary art system, a position that is not not aligned to production and commercial standards, but shifted towards dissent and alternative communication. These are the dawn of public and relational art, understood not as the creation of works of art, but as interactions with the social fabric and the territory.
In Basso’s work memory is often intertwined with landscape, whether this is only narrated through audio installations of the sounds of territories, or retraced in places experienced by poets, or narrated through texts and interactions.
Fabrizio Basso’s is a research, which measures itself with the geographies of power by opening up a field of action, a confrontation with the strategies of the global economy, with biopolitics, collective behaviors, militancy from below, to mix many types of realities and redraw a scenario outside the standards imposed by the art system: a form of resistance albeit in the realm of the aesthetic, because as Deleuze said in a well-known slogan: “resistance is creation.”

photo: Marcella Ferretti and Juan Pablo Macías