Jee Chan & Stefan Pente
Carte Blanche (Errori di Marmo Bianco)

June 1, 2019

Carico Massimo inaugurates the first 2019 residence with Stefan Pente and Jee Chan, two artists and performers active in Berlin. Stefan Pente knows Tuscany in 2017 having lived for six months in Florence, inside the Villa Romana Art Fellowship and together with Jee Chan they present: Errori di Marmo Bianco.

An exhibition that returns a research carried out on the territory starting from what the two artists define as “markers of violence”, that is, those sculptural and architectural urban signs that have their roots in the Italian Renaissance. One of the earliest and most influential archaeologists and art historians, Johann Joachim Winckelmann, born in Germany in 1716, is widely believed to be responsible for the image of white antiquity. In response, Neil Irvin Painter, an American historian and artist, writes in “The History of White People”:

”color in sculpture came to mean barbarism, for they assumed that the lofty ancient greeks were too sophisticated to color their art,” painter writes. “the ties between barbarism and color, civility and whiteness would endure..”

In Livorno, the encounter with the sixteenth-century Monument of the “4 Mori,” gives rise to White Marble Errors. Pente and Chan, through a series of performances, artifacts, walks activate a relationship between the monument and their bodies, between personal and collective history, between the seabed and the surface of the sea, and decentralize those preconceived ideas of beauty, truth and power. This story is reported in the exhibition space of Carico Massimo in the form of an exhibition.

  • “Seawater and marble become collaborators in an attempt to produce antibodies against these viral understandings about the beauty, truth and power inherent in the concept of European high culture” *

photos: Juan Pablo Macías

carte blanche (white marble mistakes) performance activation from post-duo on Vimeo.

post-duo trailer from post-duo on Vimeo.