Pietro Riparbelli

December 5, 2015

Intimacy is a sound installation that arises from the idea of creating portraits of contemporary artists through audio recordings made in their studios.

The installation reproduces the sound sources recorded in the studios of Massimo Bartolini, Gianfranco Baruchello, Paolo Masi, Margherita Moscardini, Silvia Serenari, Emanuele Beceri, CCH and Federico Cavallini at the same time; to create a constantly changing sound composition thanks to the interpenetration of the single tracks spread in the Carico Massimo space.

Pietro Riparbelli


Limited edition vinyl record, numbered to 220 copies, LP 2016 label Carico Massimo.

Vinyl made in a special numbered edition on the occasion of INTIMACY exhibition by Pietro Riparbelli. Recordings of sounds produced by artists in their studios.