kabarè 2/10
(la destrucción, la nueva vida)

August 6, 2022

Maurizio Papagni’s voice notes on Roberto dell’Orco’s project sent to the audience via cell phone

Roberto dell’Orco/Spora.

A bibliographic mycelization + mycological readings

The second appointment is dedicated to Roberto dell’Orco and Spora Studio with their project Cimelio. The protagonist of their action is the mycelium that grows underground, connects roots, forms networks of information and nutrients.

It is the Internet of the forests. The mycelium is the only being capable of degrading tree lignin and continuously learns to feed on new substances.

At Carico Massimo, the mycelium of a Pleurotus ostreatus, found in a forest in Ardèche in France and cloned by the mycological researcher Jerome Legros, will feed on the cellulose in the pages of a collection of art books donated to the association by Fabrizio Paperini. By decomposing substances and reusing components for new purposes, the mycelium shows us the way to the regeneration of matter and ideas. A symbolic and alchemical act towards the institution of art that these books represent.

The Cimelium library will be activated on August 6 through a collective micellizing action involving the public.

Followed by fragments of mycological readings and listening.

On the occasion of Kabarè 2/10, Frasca, the ethylic distribution and mapping point for fermented products, will be open. In addition to Ortri Grandi’s craft beers and organic wine, Dante and Iacopo Seri’s grappa, there will be a refreshing Ginger Beer fermented by the musician and anarchist activist Hilary Binder (thanks to Guilmartproject for the collaboration), directly from Tornareccio, Abruzzo.

Frasca is one of the permanent articulations of Carico Massimo’s convivial exhibition space to provide energy at various gradations throughout its program.

Roberto dell’Orco
Currently committed to creating a connection between heaven and earth, he designs gardens, grows mushrooms, photographs insects, studies astral charts.
Soil, roots, mycelium, planets and cosmic movements.

SPORA is a multidisciplinary collective born within the bosom of another collective, Le Wonder, in one of the buildings occupied by a group of artists in the Parisian banlieue.
The group’s goal is to learn through observation, experimentation and symbiosis in their daily relationship with the kingdom of mycetes, fungi.
SPORA animates the Mycelium Pole of the Wonder, where, around underground mushrooms, meetings inspired by contemporary ecological reflection are organized.

Fabrizio Paperini is one of the founding partners of Carico Massimo, working in the field of contemporary art for over twenty years. Since 2005 he has been in charge of client management and Artist Liaison for Galleria Continua. Following the re-archiving of Galleria Continua’s catalog corpus, which took place in 2012, a substantial part of them was then selected and donated to the Carico Massimo Association.

photos: Juan Pablo Macías / Iacopo Seri