Jacopo Benassi
MEYWO a concept for a book made in Guangzhou

May 17, 2014

Jacopo Benassi, MEIWO a concept for a book made in Guangzhou, China: a photographic self-portrait of the artist’s experience in flower city.

Every day, in his Chinese routine, Benassi took pictures, produced them, selected them, paginated them, worked as if a book were to go to print every night.

The artist did not make any changes to this narrative work born in China once he returned to Europe: what he decided there, has not undergone any alteration, the choices he made, day by day, have not been changed by Benassi on the next day.

From this point of view the exhibition is a diary. The work came to an end on the day he left Guangzhou, each shot presented in this exhibition is inextricably linked to that place and time of his life, fragments of that city transported here.